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DASSAULT Falcon 7X added to our Business Jet Fleet

DC Aviation Malta have added DASSAULT Falcon 7X 9H-SXT to our existing fleet of business jets. It is now available for charter on our AOC

The Falcon 7x offers the following:



Length:                                              76.7 ft

Height:                                              25.59 ft

Wingspan:                                          86.00 ft

Max. takeoff weight:                             70,000 lb

Max. landing weight:                           62,400 lb

Max. range:                                        5.950 nm

Max cruise altitude:                              51,000 ft

Max. speed:                                        600 mph

Max. payload:                                     6,000 lb

Delivery:                                            February 2008

Refurbished:                                        2015

New paint:                                          2018



Height:                                                    6,17 ft

Length:                                                   39.07 ft

Width:                                                    7.71 ft

Baggage hold:                                          140 ft³



Daytime arrangement for up to 12 guests: 9 luxury leather seats and a three-place divan; conference area equipped with an additional two person settee (lunch and dining table can accommodate 6 guests)

Nighttime arrangement: converts to a maximum of 5 sleeping places

Back and front toilets

Fully equipped galley

Entertainment system with air show, CD and DVD; DTS sound system

Wi-Fi with high-speed internet



1 flight attendant

Exquisite selection of food, beverages, and on-board entertainment


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